My Snapshot Regarding the Church & Social Justice


‪I’ve been watching and reading about the unfruitful exchange within the Church regarding social justice. (Was heartbroken reading about Mohler’s & Duncan’s removal from Ligonier. And have been a little disturbed reading about G3’s upcoming conference.)‬

Here’s a snapshot of what is abundantly clear and, unfortunately, on display to the world:

‪1. There is a quickness, it appears, to publicly label some Christians “SJW” because they speak about injustices; but only the injustices that are not about ‘abortion’, ‘traditional marriage’, ‘gay propaganda in schools’, or ‘democrats’—these are supposedly universally fine to address.‬

‪2. Along with the labeling of “SJW” is the divisive & demeaning language used about the Christians that speak about injustices—but only beyond what has been approved by these ‘other Christians’ who see themselves as being more gospel-correct in their view of justice issues. ‬

‪3. There is an automatic assumption that Christians who speak about injustices—beyond what’s been “approved”—are operating in some political agenda/party or attached to some social/political movement. ‬

‪4. There are far more Christian conferences that are teaching against social justice and drawing a line between social justice & the Gospel because they believe the Gospel/Scripture is being taken out of its applicable context.‬

‪5. There too is an assumption that those who would appear to oppose social justice or are less quick to publicly speak about injustices are racist/supremacist, privileged, bigoted, or prejudice. ‬

‪6. There is a lack within these public exchanges/debates of seeking to find common ground regarding social justice and the Christian, and then promoting the common ground if any is found. ‬

‪Yes, some of the labeling may be true for some people. Yes, some people are more rooted in the social/political and/or racism/prejudice over Scripture. So in these accounts, there is precedent for biblical warning or correction. But it should be clear for that account and that person. There is simply too much broad-stroking of people and views—misrepresenting them whether intentionally or not, which is slander—and not enough common ground being sought for within the Body.‬

‪I know, I’m a nobody. But sometimes God has to use a donkey to correct a prophet. ‬

I wrote an article addressing a biblical ‪response to social justice. May this article be a voice of help and common ground in a sea of division regarding social justice. ‬