The Emanuel 9 Movie


Went and watched the Emanuel 9 movie last night with my wife and some friends.

I believe there was a reason I left my phone home by accident last night, because I was filled with an array of emotions after watching this movie (anger, disbelief, brokenness, conviction, gratitude, etc) and posting something about it last night may have come off too strong.

So, here is what I will say today. WATCH IT. If it comes to a theater in your town, WATCH IT. As soon as it comes out on dvd, BUY IT & WATCH IT.

If you are a Christian, living in America, WATCH IT.

I could preach a couple of sermons from this movie. The reason for the Gospel, the power of the Gospel, and the application of the Gospel is saturated all throughout this massacre from 4 years ago.

Every church that is desiring to be multi-ethnic/cross-cultural, needs to WATCH THIS MOVIE as a church.

  • Sit with the hate a one-sided false narrative can create.

  • Sit with how powerful information is, whether accurate or inaccurate.

  • Sit with how the ugly, ruthless, and wicked past of our country still has remnants present today, and if we do not talk about it and rightly address it (especially as Christians), it will continue to fester & spread like fungus.

  • See how the power of the love of Jesus in His people can endure such hatred & evil and still forgive as God forgave.

  • See how the power of the love of Jesus through His people can suck the power out from hatred.

  • See how the power of the love of Jesus in action by His people is the only thing that can bring about true reconciliation between people and stand as the greatest testimony of the truth & reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the watching world.

This is a movie for yesterday, today, and the tomorrows. To every Christian that reads this, I pray you WATCH IT.