The What & Who

My name is Chris Davis, and welcome to Biblically Shaped Ministries! 

What started in 2007 as a simple blog to edify Christians and encourage them to let their lives be shaped by the one and only divine Word of God has since turned into a biblical discipleship ministry, which is my passion and calling in Christ.

The purpose of BSM remains the same as my blog in 2007: to help shape lives by the truth of the divine Word of God. Today this purpose is being accomplished not solely through blogs-articles, but also teachings, speaking engagements, books, discipleship/leadership development, connecting Christians and churches with a wide-range of resources, and in other ways as it progresses.

As for myself, I'm an average, urban guy who loves Jesus and wants to be used by Him for His glory. I am a husband of 17 years and father of 3. I believe I treasure my family and treat them as my first ministry, but you would have to ask my wife if that's true or not. I have served as an appointed leader in various areas of church ministry for 12 years, and have been public speaking and teaching in many forums since 2005. I was ordained to pastoral ministry in 2011 and have been pastoring in California ever since. I have a Biblical Studies degree from Liberty University and am currently the Senior Pastor of Northwest Baptist Church in Reisterstown, MD.

BSM is another way of me using my God-given gifts and passions to contribute to the ministry of the Gospel during my lifetime, and hopefully afterwards like others have before me. My prayer is that whether you come to this site once or often, this ministry, in some way, will spur you on in your faith to love God, know His Word, love others, grow in your discipleship, and make more disciples of Jesus. 

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