The Faceoff: Adam -v- Jesus (Video)

The Faceoff: Adam -v- Jesus  (Video)

Romans 5:12-21 is a pivotal passage in Romans. Paul stacks up Adam & Jesus and reveals why both are significant to who we are and where we are. The truth, hope, and encouragement in this passage is astounding and often overlooked.

Come explore it with me, and be pushed to something so much more.

The Gospel & the Depravity of Man (Video)

The Gospel & the Depravity of Man (Video)

I was tasked with preaching Romans 1:16-32. Because of the length of this passage I just hit on the 2 big themes Paul covers—the gospel & the depravity of man. Paul gives 3 descriptives of the gospel and (what I call) the descent into the 6 degrees of depravity.