The Help of the Word when Facing Life Issues

“What are one or two scripture verses that have helped you face issues in your own life?”

There are far too many scripture verses that have helped me face life issues. Plus, it depends on the issue I'm facing. Romans 8:26-39 is probably my most universal passage for facing most of my life issues. It covers how the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. During the moments when I cannot pray or don't what exactly to say, to know that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me according to the will of the Father is comforting. It covers our hopeful outcome. To know that regardless to what happens in my life, my God has already worked it out so that it benefits my good in someway is encouraging. It covers how God has predestined us to be conformed to the image of Christ. How awesome is it to know that God will continue to conform us from regeneration through sanctification unto glorification! And then Paul ends this chapter with a nine verse run on God's love for us. Knowing that nothing shall separate me from God's love is the greatest remedy to any hurt, or loss, or trial, or depression, or disappointment, and so on I may be experiencing.

As for how God has used the Word to bring me through times that may have been unbearable without it, He did that the morning my grandmother died in November of last year. My aunt called me at close to 1 a.m. on that morning. She told me that my beloved grandmother had passed away. To explain how much my grandmother means to me and my family could fill volumes. Let's just say she was like our Moses. Rather than crying initially, and after making a few more phone calls, I had a craving for God's Word. I was led first to read about Lazarus in John 11. From there my mind and spirit took me all throughout the New Testament. I meditated upon verses like 2Thessalonians 3:16, 2Corinthians 5:1-8, Philippians 1:21, and 2Timothy 4:6-8. The Scriptures comforted me with the truths and promises of God. And this has been my resting place.

All of my life experiences help me to be a well-balanced counselor, teacher, pastor, husband, friend, brother, and disciple. One who can empathize with loss, deep hurt, sadness, pain, anger, disappointments, failures, resentment, injustices, consequences, etc. One who can counsel from the Gospel in the same manner Christ has counseled me with His wondrous Gospel of Grace, Life, Restoration, Peace, and Love! One who can encourage others to lean and trust in the sovereignty of God and pull strength and power from the indwelling Holy Spirit. One who can assist others in anchoring themselves in the truths and promises of Scripture so that they are not tossed to and fro by their emotions and circumstances. 

The Word is the roadmap for our life as well as the life boat when we find ourselves in troubled waters. Follow it and hold on to it daily, but even more so when facing life issues.