Political MMA among Christians, Say It Ain't So!

I have not been following this political season. And to be honest, I'm glad. From what I see on social media, politics have become another form of MMA. But, not surprisingly, believers are too in the political ring duking it out…but with other believers, like they forgot their identity. How despicable! What is politics over being blood bought brethren? Yet another mark on the repellent example Christians exhibit to the world in the name of Christ. What a shame.

Here are my thoughts...

Please don't let this election cause you to fight or divide from your brethren in Christ. Go right ahead and vote, and vote confidently according to your personal reasons. There is nothing wrong with that. But allow me to help you remember a greater reality, "this is not our world". Keep that in mind. Here are some other greater realities we all should remember:

  • Our vote and the government will not save any souls.

  • Our vote and the government will not make any disciples of Christ.

  • Yes, your vote is important, but only to this world. Our votes and our elected government have no weight whatsoever to the "kingdom" from which we belong to and are to be focused on bringing people to as well.

  • Our vote and strong stance about our government should not keep us from walking out the greatest commandment, the second one like it, nor the new commandment (Matt. 22:36-40, Jn. 13:34-35).

Just in light of these handful of greater realities, politics are truly not worth being divided over. So here is my encouragement and challenge:

  • Don't hang on your side's every word. They are fallen men with an imperfect agenda.

  • Don't simply disagree with the opposite side because they're on the opposite side.

  • Be better than your party, the candidates, and the media. Be the ambassador of Christ and not the ambassador for your political party.

  • Be mindful of the flesh and don't fall prey to political self-righteousness. Look for areas where you agree with the other side and acknowledge the wrongs and failures of your own side.

  • Agree to disagree on who we vote for and don't take it personal or so serious when others vote differently from you for their different reasons.

  • Abandon fighting and dividing over "fallible men" and "fallible political parties" which can never accomplish what God has called the Church (you, I, and the other brethren) to accomplish.

We as born-again believers are brethren under the true Commander-in-Chief, who died to establish true bipartisanship, but not simply between Jew and Gentile, Democrat and Republican, but between us and Himself. That is the "President" we are to endorse as the best choice, and encourage others to side with, and vigorously defend with His eternal stats and flawless record.

Politics has its place here in "this world". Our vote has its place here in "this world". Therefore, we are to do our part in voting so far as it concerns for "this world". But never forget "we are not of this world", and our brotherhood with other believers supersedes anything "in this world". Our accomplishing and pushing forth the agenda of our God and Savior supersedes the politics and parties in "this world".

Let us be intentional on landing where God is honored and Christ is best proclaimed in this political season and the ones to come.