Let's Talk About..."TRUTH"

Here's a piece I wrote in response to a blog I was reading and discussing on Myspace in like '07. Just wanted to share it. Thought it was a good read.

So, let's talk about truth shall we...

  1. Truth is something that cannot be “concretely” denied. That’s what makes it TRUTH.

  2. Truth is something that has or can be proven to be true. Otherwise, if it cannot be proven to be TRUTH, then it is subjected to being denied (e.g. theories).

  3. Truth can be a person’s perception. One cannot tell me that what I perceived was not true, because it is what “I” perceived; therefore it now becomes “my truth”, whether you believe it or not. Now does this mean that what “I” perceive to be true is right, no. It is simply “my” truth, and not “the” TRUTH. For example, you can say you do not believe there is a such thing as an outer space. “You” hold this to be “the truth”. However, before scientist were able to look into “outer space” to prove that there is an actual “outer space”, all one would have to do (if they were not blind) is look up in the sky and see there are things (which we came to know as stars, the sun, and the moon) beyond our earth, thus proving there is a “space” out of our realm of earth—“outer space”. This would then make what “you” believe to be truth simply “yours” and not “the” actual TRUTH. It is on the “my truth’s” where we as people become divided.

If “the” TRUTH cannot be concretely denied, can it then be proven to be undeniably true? Can there be concrete evidence to prove that this (whatever it is) is the TRUTH? Emphatically yes! TRUTH is a reality—something that is and can be known, even with our limited knowledge on certain things. Again, outer space is a perfect example. Only a fool can and would deny the existence of “outer space”, but no one can or ever will be able to offer a shred of concrete evidence to deny “the” TRUTH of an outer space. It is a reality. The “my truths” are individualistic and subjective. The TRUTH is absolute. It is true regardless of opinions or perceptions. The question that should be asked is what do you do when “the” TRUTH is presented and proven to be true?

TRUTH is a reality, period. Those who deny its reality, actually affirm its reality—to deny something as the TRUTH means you believe your view of said truth is absolutely true. Someone once told me, “…no matter what is told to a person or even “proven” to being true, that individual can and will accept whatever they care to as “the” truth.” Here’s my response, a person's perception is not “the” TRUTH but simply “their” truth.

Where the problem or contention enters is when “the” TRUTH doesn’t fit with a person or persons “my truths”, which in turn leads them on a quest to deny the specific truth that has been presented. But if that which has been presented is “the” TRUTH, they will not be able to concretely deny it. Thus they just come up with theories and their pot of so-called “reasonable doubt” to mislead those who are already looking for a scapegoat not to believe “the” TRUTH, or mislead the gullible, non-researching folk.

A wise man from Tarsus once wrote, “Since they refuse to trust truth, they’re banished to their chosen world of lies and illusions.” This is the end result of those individuals that can and will accept whatever they care to as “the” truth.

The greatest commandment says to love the LORD God not just with our heart, strength, and soul, but also with our mind! Go educate yourself with the history and TRUTH of God or you will find yourself being—whether you want to or not—educated with the history and the "my truths" of this world.