After reading through Scripture and noting some of the stories in the Old Testament (e.g. Ruth, Esther, Nehemiah, etc), and the tapestry of both the Old and New Testaments, I developed a notion. I sometimes look at life, during certain situations, like a stage play. The present circumstance(s) is the plot, we and any others involved are the supporting characters, and God is the main character.

As we face whatever the situation may be, we always come to a point where we realize,

"There is nothing I can do with this, it's out of my hands to control".

It's at this point where God drops this reality,

"This is My part of the play. Everyone clear the stage, it's time for the Star to take over the show."

And thus, in whatever situation we're facing, we are to step aside—by not getting anymore involved or further dabbling with the issue—and allow God to be God—let His glory (magnificence, brilliance, awesomeness) be put on exhibition for all to see, so He and only He can get all the credit and praise.

This real life illustration should relieve us in those situations from constantly trying to figure out something to do, force something, or be concerned about screwing it up, and place it in God's hands for Him to work it out—which is just what He always does, work it out! If, and when, He wants us to get involved again He'll usher us out on the stage to play whatever part we have left. Until then, we let God perform the show—take care of that situation.