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Memoirs/Autobiography  (Revised, © 2010) Price: $9.99 (paperback) Price: $4.99 (eBook)

(Revised, © 2010)
Price: $9.99 (paperback)
Price: $4.99 (eBook)

Walk With Me, The Journey” (paperback)

Walk With Me, The Journey” (eBook)

This book is a unique collaboration of writings, narratives, and short stories geared to reaching teenagers, young adults, or urban adults with Chris' journey of how he came to know Jesus. It's real. It's raw. It's worth the read!

Apologetics/Philosophy (Revised, © 2016) Price: $5.00

(Revised, © 2016)
Price: $5.00

“Response to an Atheist”

“Response to an Atheist” is a 50 page engaging rebuttal argument to an article written by professor, author, and self-proclaimed atheist H.J. McCloskey. This mini-book is great material to strengthen a Christian's belief in the existence of God with reason and evidence, or for how to reason against atheist's arguments, or to add some more apologetic arguments to their spiritual workbelt. 

Dr. James Dew (Ph.D) professor at Liberty University said,

“...well written and thought out. It does a good job of engaging McCloskey’s argument. [Christopher deals] with [McCloskey's] points in a thoughtful fashion that is respectful and responsible.”
Apologetics/Archaeology (Revised, © 2016) Price: $5.00

(Revised, © 2016)
Price: $5.00

“The World Of The Bible Within Our Grasp”

Many people question the Bible's credibility. Believers and unbelievers alike are unsure of what is true and what is fiction. Archaeology will not address the Bible’s theological truth, but archaeology has revealed the Bible’s historical truth from what is considered fiction. “The World Of The Bible Within Our Grasp” will take the reader on a rapid archaeological exploration as it drives through both the Old Testament and New Testament.

In less than 50 pages, this “exploration” is a great resource for assuring the Christian that the Bible we believe in is rooted in historical accuracy and is the most trustworthy ancient historical manuscript.