The What & Who

What started in 2007 as a simple blog by Chris Davis to edify Christians and encourage them to let their lives be shaped by the one and only divine Word of God has since turned into a Bible ministry. The purpose of the ministry remains the same—to help shape lives by the one and only divine Word of God—and now it's being accomplished not solely through writing blogs, but also teaching, speaking, books, discipleship/leadership development, connecting people with a wide-range of resources, and in other ways as it progresses. 

Chris is an urban intellectual with a deep love for all things Jesus. He’s a husband of 17 years and father of 3. His family is his treasure and first ministry. He has served as a leader in various areas of church ministry for 12 years, and has been public speaking and teaching in many forums for 12 years. Chris was ordained to pastoral ministry in 2011 and has been pastoring in California ever since.

Chris strives to help people holistically thrive and develop. Biblical and theological orthodoxy is his foundation. Discipleship is his speciality. Passionate is how he teaches. Real, objective, and adaptable is his approach when public speaking.

Chris, and his ministry, can be characterized as authentically realistic, vivacious, and purposeful.

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