Chris has taught Bible messages and has spoken on a variety of topics across the country to audiences of all ages, races/ethnicities, and demographics in churches and conferences, at leadership trainings, on leadership panels and forums, in jails, camps, and schools. Chris aims to present the profound truths of God in terminology that believers in their context can understand so to stand in awe of God, pursue Christ, trust in His Word, grow in their discipleship, and further thrive & develop in their life and faith, or to clearly communicate wisdom on a given topic so that all people can be benefitted by it and further thrive & develop in their life, relationships, and endeavors.

If you’re looking for a passionate and solid Bible teacher (guest preacher or conference speaker) who will exhort, encourage, educate, exposit, and empower the listeners from the Scriptures, Chris would be delighted and honored to teach. If you’re looking for a vibrant speaker (for any engagement) who will deliver intelligently and insightfully on a topic of choice, Chris would be delighted and honored to speak. Teaching the Bible and public speaking is a joy and privilege for Chris. Thus, Chris’ cost is reasonable and inexpensive. He only asks for transportation fare (i.e. fuel or flight), lodging (if necessary), and any size donation you choose.

For all inquiries, please go to the contact page and fill out the form.