Life Coaching

Life Coaching is not for someone who needs to “move from their problem areas to a point of stability”, that’s what counseling is for. Life Coaching focuses on helping others who are at a point of stability in life but feel stuck, or are in transitions, or need to work through things in certain areas in life to discover new ways of achieving life goals they and God desire.

Chris has coached many people across many spectrums in their life. Chris does individual, couples, and spiritual/ministry coaching. (Click here to view his experience).
      Chris does pre-marital, marital, and family coaching with his wife. Chris and his wife have been married 15 years and have 3 children (2 boys [15 & 11] and 1 girl [9]). They have experienced more in their marriage than most ever experience in their marriage. They were interviewed for 8 hours by the 700 Club in 2014 about some of their story and then it was later broadcasted all over the world as a story of hope and restoration because of Jesus Christ. They've been coaching/counseling together since 2010. They prepare engaged couples with insight and skills from their hard learned experiences, God's Word, and their education. Because of their extreme marriage, they can genuinely empathize and walk with married couples from struggling and surviving to joy and reviving through their hard learned experiences, God's Word, and their education.
      Chris also does personal/family budget coaching. He has 16 years experience in personal and family budgeting. He was a math major out of high school, taking accounting courses during high school, and then went to college for financial management and accounting before later pursuing ministry. With his budgeting experience and wisdom he has helped countless people establish a personal and family budget and plan for their finances. He has also managed a few non-profits’ fiscal operations ranging up to $60,000, along with the financial management of his wife’s photography business.

Chris desires to help others further thrive and develop. He will meet either in person, or over the phone, or via his virtual office (i.e. google hangout/skype) for 1hr per session. There is an initial intake assessment to determine if coaching is needed or not. If coaching is needed and desired, the amount of sessions will then be determined.

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