“A Biblically Shaped Way of Life” was started in 2007 by Chris Davis as a simple blog to edify Christians and encourage them to let their lives be shaped by the one and only divine Word of God. After many conversations with other Christians during that time, Chris noticed many believers did not know the Word or live by it as much as they professed they did. So Chris took it upon himself to biblically address some of the topics of the conversations he was having then with the hope that those individuals would be persuaded by the truth of God's Word; ergo, a “Bible ministry” was birthed. Since 2007, “Biblically Shaped” has grown and expanded in many ways as God has grown and expanded it's founder in many ways.

Chris Davis was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He lived a “been there and done that” life in every aspect as a youth and young adult. He joined the Marines in 2000. While in the Marines he met his beautiful wife Morgan and had his first child. He was born-again in February 2003 while he was incarcerated in San Diego, CA. He went from a radical sinner to a radical disciple thanks to Jesus Christ. There is much, much more to share about his story but not enough space to do so. As of now, he currently lives in Bakersfield, CA. He and his wife have been married for 16 years and have 3 children (15, 11, & 9).
     Chris is an urban intellectual with a deep love for Jesus and His Word, a zeal to teach God's Word soundly (both orally and written), and a passion for discipleship and helping believers to thrive and develop (i.e. in their life, their faith, their relationships, and their endeavors). Chris’ dependency upon the Spirit of God and the Word of God, along with his wide-ranging experiences (both successes and failures), allows him to effectively minister, disciple, and help others thrive and develop in specific areas. Here are some of those experiences:
• Ordained as a pastor in 2011 and licensed as a minister to perform marriages and funerals in 2012. He has performed numerous marriage ceremonies since then, both in state and out of state.
• 4 years experience in faith-based event development and management.
• 6 years experience in pastoral ministry and leadership development of others.
• 7 years experience in counseling and coaching individuals and couples. He is a certified member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and his full national board certification is pending. He has received certificates of completion from Light University in 2012 for "Crisis & 1st Responder Skills" and in 2013 for "Professional Life Coaching".
• 8 years of biblical/theological and counseling training from Liberty University. His Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Christian Counseling will be awarded in 2016.
• 10 years experience in writing on biblical/Christian topics.
• 10 years experience in discipleship development with adult Christians.
• 12 years experience in teaching the Bible and speaking on Christian/biblical topics across the country to different audiences in many different forums.
• 12 years experience in 6 different areas of church leadership. Served in ministry with 6 different churches: Celebration Church Monroe Street (formerly known as Monroe Street Church of God, Baltimore, MD), Grace Fellowship Church (Timonium, MD), The Passion For Christ Movement (Los Angeles, CA), Fairview Heights Baptist Church (Inglewood, CA), Radical Life Church (church plant in Los Angeles, CA), and now Hingepoint Church (Bakersfield, CA). He has served as a youth leader (2005), small group leader (2006-2008, 2010-2013), men's Bible study leader (2006-2009), leader in the recovery ministry (2007-2009), marriage ministry director (2010-2011), small group ministry director (2011-2013), executive director of a 501c3 non-profit international ministry (2011-2013), interim pastor (2011), assistant pastor (2011-2013), church planter/lead pastor (2013-2015), to pastor of discipleship (overseeing the community group ministry, marriage counseling ministry, and the discipleship of the church) (2015-present).
• Planted Radical Life Church from 2013-2015 (established infrastructure [e.g. philosophy of ministry, church constitution and structure, tax-exemption, incorporated, insurance, etc], successfully fundraised to become self-sustaining within first 6mos, formed church and ministry partnerships, co-labored in serving communities, built up disciples, etc).
• A published author, and from his books he has been interviewed on the news and radio, done book signings across the country, and his books have been purchased throughout the US, London, and Australia.

The purpose of this ministry is to help shape lives by the one and only divine Word of God through blog articles, teachings, discipleship/leadership development, life coaching, conferences, books, and resources.

Doctrinal Beliefs
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