Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bible and Science

I stumbled upon this online like in 2007 on someone's blog on MySpace. I figured I would post it so everyone can know and have it. I want us all to be educated, not just the educated.

The Bible’s statements 2,000-3,000 years ago vs. Science

* At a time when it was believed that the earth sat on a large animal or a giant (1500B.C.), the Bible spoke of the earth’s free float in space:
“He…hangs the earth upon nothing” (Job 26:7)

* Only in recent centuries has man discovered that there are mountains on the ocean floor. But this was revealed in the Bible thousands of years ago.
While deep in the ocean, Jonah cried, “I went down to the bottoms of the mountains…” (Jonah 2:6)

* Only in recent centuries has science discovered that everything we see is composed of invisible atoms.
Here, Hebrews 11:3, the Bible tells us that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

* Science expresses the Universe in five terms: time, space, matter, power, and motion.
Genesis 1:1-2 revealed such truths to the Hebrews in as early as 1450 B.C. “In the beginning [time] God created [power] the heaven [space] and the earth [matter]… And the Spirit of God moved [motion] upon the face of the waters.” Now the very first thing God tells man is that He controls all aspects of the universe, and notice all five terms.

* In 1845 the presence of microscopic diseases were unknown. Until recent years, doctors washed their hands in a bowl of water, leaving invisible germs on their hands. However, the Bible says specifically to wash hands under [running water].
Look at the specific instructions God gave His people for when they encounter disease:
“And when he that has an issue is cleansed of his issue; then he shall number to himself seven days for his cleansing, and wash his cloths, and bathe his flesh in [running water], and shall be clean.” (Leviticus 15:13).

* We now understand that a year is the time required for earth to travel once around the sun. The seasons are caused by the changing position of the earth in relation to the sun. Astronomers can tell exactly the earths motion around the sun when one season ends and the next season begins. A month is the time of one revolution of the moon around the earth with respect to the sun.
In Genesis 1:14, the Bible says God created the lights in the heavens for signs and for season, days and years. How could Moses have known 3,500 years ago that the lights of the sun and moon were the actual determining factors of the years length, unless his words were inspired by God? (cf. Psalm 136:7-9)

* Centuries later, scientists began to discern the rules [decree] for the rain. Rainfall is part of a process called the water cycle. The sun evaporates water from the ocean, the water vapor then rises and becomes clouds, this water in the clouds fall back to earth as rain and collects in streams and rivers then makes its way back to the ocean. About 300 years ago Galileo discovered this cycle but amazingly the scriptures described it centuries before.
Job stated God made a decree [law] for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder (Job 28:26). The prophet Amos (Amos 9:6) wrote that God calls for the water of the sea and pours them out upon the face of the earth.

* Even evolutionist Stephen Hawking, considered the best-known scientist since Albert Einstein, acknowledges
“the universe and the laws of physics seem to have been specifically designed for us. If any one of about 40 physical qualities had more that slightly different values, life as we know it could not exist: Either atoms would not be stable, or they wouldn’t combine into molecules, or the stars wouldn’t form the heavier elements, or the Universe would collapse before life could develop…”
There is no other book in any of the world’s religions (Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita, Koran, book of Mormon, etc.) that contains these kinds of consistencies. Hank Hanegraaff said, “Faith in Christ is not some blind leap into a dark chasm, but a faith based on established evidence.”

The reason the Bible and true science harmonize is that they have the same author.

By: Unknown